Student Dress Code Policy

Standard Student Attire

Cortney students will observe student standard attire guidelines daily unless otherwise noted by school administration.

Students will be required to change clothing if its determined to be inappropriate for school.

If a free dress day is declared by the administration, CCSD dress code guidelines will be observed.

All clothing, with the exception of ties, must be in basic/optional solid colors. No patterns, no words, and no brand logos allowed. (the Cortney JHS logo is allowed)

    Basic Colors: khake, navy, white
    Optional Colors: black, gold/yellow, grey

All shirts/blouses must have a collar.


  • Pants/Shorts/Blue Jeans/Denim Pants/Sweat Pants: basic/optional colors and all sized to fit
  • Shirts/Sweater/Sweatshirt: Need collar, long or short sleeves, and can have the Cortney JHS logo.
  • UnderShirts: solid color only: basic/optional colors, no patterns, words or logos.
  • Ties: basic/optional colors; solid or patterns; no words. (not required.
  • Additional guidelines are; SIZED TO FIT.