The Houses of Cortney Junior High School are communities within the school that match students with similar interests and values. The house names come from three different species of cobra in different parts of the world. Each house represents a number of careers and values that students will learn about and develop. Houses will compete against each other and work together throughout the year in various competitions and events. House assignments are determined after taking the house sorting survey at the beginning of the year.



House Color: Yellow

Origin: Philippines

Career Cluster:

Education & Training, Human Services, Arts, A/V Technology & Communications, Hospitality & Tourism, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 



House Color: Green

Origin: India

Career Cluster:

Finance, Marketing, Sales & Service, Business Management & Administration, Manufacturing, Architecture & Construction, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics



House Color: Orange

Origin: Africa

Career Cluster:

Government & Public Administration, Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security, Health Science, Information Technology, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

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