Cortney Junior High School
Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone usage by students is strictly prohibited inside classrooms and common areas. Cell phones may be used in the cafeteria during lunch, breakfast, and after school. Any other time or location on campus, cell phones cannot be used. Headphones and earbuds are not allowed to be used during instructional time and/or on campus unless permitted by the teacher. In case of emergencies, a student may go to the behavior office to contact home.   

  • If a student has their cell phone out during class or passing period, an adult will call the behavior office and send the student with their phone.
  • The phone will be confiscated and locked up in the behavior office. 
  • The student will return to class.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their confiscated phone after school in the behavior office.  
  • If a student refuses to surrender their cell phone, they will be placed on Required Parent Conference (RPC) status.   
  • Repeated offenses will result in progressive disciplinary action.  


Our goal at Cortney JHS is to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff. In the Clark County School District, Regulation P-5136 states that cell phones are not to be utilized during the instructional school day with the exception of the student’s assigned lunch period.